Not So Fast: Community Farmer’s Market Tours

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farmersDo you love local food?

We’ve a feeling you do! If you are like most of us, you enjoy perusing the local markets in the summer and picking up some fresh vibrant food, which (of course)  is grown & prepared with love. Supporting local food producers is of paramount importance as we look to find ways to contribute to the building of sustainable food systems that will benefit all.

Well the question must be asked: what if you simply can’t afford it?

With the support of our partners, we are proud to send groups of families, armed with market tokens, to buy food at the market.

Here’s a letter from one of our participants and community leaders of the program, sharing her experience and all it means.

Despite the rain we had a wonderful time.  There were three participants in all as two of our parent’s were unable to join us. We started by gathering to eat a warm lunch together. Then we were off on our adventure by foot and train. 

In the Backpack Community Kitchen we have had a couple of very lovely gentlemen of whom the kitchen has been a social support and a food source.  With the news of going to the Farmers Market with the availability of tokens to spend both gentlemen were pleasantly surprised and excited.  One of the men commented that it was so great because he hadn’t had money to spend in a long time.  I could see that he really treasured the tokens because he only parted with a small amount.  He said that he will be spreading his token dollars over the remainder of the market season at the Yale Town Market, Nat Bailey and possibly for the Train Station Market next summer.  With Three participants I was able to give everyone $25.00 in tokens with $5.00 to spare if needed.  The items that were purchased were as follows: Salmon, Thyme, Honey, Squash, Baked goods a miniature Christmas tree and some Pickled preserves.  Everyone was in good spirits and were eager to spend more time together over coffee and conversation at a nearby cafe.  We all showed our items, warmed up and enjoyed one another’s stories and company.  Thank-you again for this wonderful gift it really added to our Community Kitchen and Community Growing experience to have something to look forward to out of the ordinary of everyday life.

~ as written by Lorraine Holubowich,SCC staff & community member and organizer of the Market Tours

Stay tuned as we share more in the coming weeks around this fun & impactful initiative!

Many thanks for your support – help us share the love!

The NSF Team