Our First Think Inside the Box Recipe: Hearty French Lentils

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Think you don’t like lentils? You might not be alone. But we think you might just change your mind with this one. 

When we conceived of this idea, to provide pre-bagged food & recipes in a red box for really anyone who wanted to cook at home for themselves, this recipe was a no brainer. It’s filling, easy to make, and when it comes right down to it, just plain RAD. 


Yeah we said it. These lentils are hot. So if you’ve ever thought you’d like to pitch in, print or jot down this recipe and consider trying a simpler meal once a week. Cut a luxury like meat or something fancier and tuck those extra funds away for someone else to enjoy! It’s an easy way to give that we think is delicious. 

French Lentils - NSF copy

So here you are! Dig in and donate….we know there is plenty to go around! Take the lentil challenge. It’s a delicious way to give back. 

The Not So Fast Team