We Came, We Saw, We Gave Away Lentils!

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Well it was a big day for us here at NSF, as after more than two years in the making we worked our first official event!

To celebrate the big day we thought we’d share something near & dear to our hearts: yes, lentils. LENTILS, you say? Yes, friends lentils. Let us explain.

Rewind way back to June of last year, and NSF was small, but with big plans, and we had to do something. So we decided to cook a thank-you dinner for 40 community volunteers with a group of 12 inner city youth we’d never met. Simple, right? Well it was, and in the end our menu was almost as special as the time shared with this group of kids (who some of them are still working with us today). We served Hearty French Lentils with barley pilaf and fresh vegetables. Toss in a few baskets of bread and we were all set!

NSF Market Days September 25th

Part of our ethos of ‘living with less’ is the idea that eating well needn’t be expensive, and instead of fancy meals for those who can afford them or fast food for those who can’t, simple meals like a tasty pot of lentils feed the body and nourish the heart & soul, for really the cost a beer or a fancy bag of chips.

So we gave away lentils, mainly to raise awareness, but also to collect donations from those who could afford to be so generous & to simply give to the community. We heard from one lovely lady who had them for dinner. Anyone else out there given the recipe a try? This is part of a much larger initiative that we will be rolling out shortly. Stay tuned to learn more about that little red box!

NSF Farmers Markets September 25

If you are looking for where we’ll be next, our next Vancouver Farmer’s Market dates are this weekend:

Trout Lake Farmers Market: 9 AM – 2 PM

Kitsilano Farmers Market: 10 AM – 2 PM

Come on out and brave the rain…there’s a pot of yummy lentils in it for you at the very least! Thanks to our amazingly passionate team of volunteers, we are able to do this and we hope to see you there.


The Not So Fast Team