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tusar.com Our audience comes to us for rigorously tested recipes, science-driven cooking techniques, robust equipment reviews, and stories that offer cultural and historical context to the foods we love to eat. developers, practiced home cooks. Members of our editorial team come from publications like America’s Test Kitchen, Across the board, we’re a group of passionate, opinionated food enthusiasts with a drive to dive deep, get things right, and do justice to any topic we take on.

Why So Serious?

In our case, serious doesn’t mean exclusive or highbrow. Our approach to our work in the kitchen is serious, but the results are for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore food nerd making a special-occasion feast or a casual, once-a-week cook who’s just looking for your next dinner. Likewise, we take seriously our responsibility to produce only food-related features that are useful, interesting, and accurate, but we’re as open to a tale of wacky experimentation with the Whatever your interests and cooking style, we’ve got a new recipe, technique, or thought-provoking perspective on food for you. We believe food can and should be a fun and engaging topic for everyone.Since then, Serious Eats has evolved from its days as a blog covering food trends and the restaurant industry into a full-fledged food resource best known for its recipe and instructional cooking content. You can learn more by checking out Grub Street’s Oral History of Serious Eats or learn more about founder Ed Levine’s journey in his book Serious Eater Recipe Development and Testing At Serious Eats, our mission is to give home cooks and food lovers the skill sets, knowledge, and cultural context to make every meal memorable—with or without a recipe. This means that whether we’re publishing a recipe or writing a story about a specific dish or ingredient, we always want to answer the same fundamental Each of our recipes is methodically tested and tasted, over and over again, by our dedicated recipe developers and crosstesters, all of them skilled culinary professionals. We don’t publish a new Serious Eats recipe until we’re certain it’s the tastiest version out there, and we’re constantly updating our old recipes with new techniques and improvements based on further testing and reader suggestions. product and Equipment Reviews Our reviews and recommendations of food products and kitchen equipment are conducted by culinary experts who test each piece of equipment or food item against its competitors. If we’re recommending it, you can be sure that it’s been thoroughly vetted by knowledgeable writers and editors who have actually used and abused the equipment they’re writing about.

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